Our newest client, AlArabi Int’l, is an internationally renowned company producing high quality decorative gypsum works for both residential and commercial projects. We recently went over to their workshop in Bahrain for a photo and video shoot, and we were utterly fascinated by the process.

It’s intricate work involving dozens of little tasks, starting with mixing various powders and potions, carefully pouring them into silicone moulds, waiting patiently for them to set, and finally taking them out and packaging the piece.

It is also, however, messy work! We came back from our first visit with a fine coating of white powder on our clothes, bags, and faces, and we realised we’d have to prepare better for the actual shoot. We covered our tripod legs with plastic bags, laid out miles of plastic sheeting, and wore dust masks to protect ourselves. While this drew giggles from AlArabi’s very skilled and talented staff, we were not embarrassed and carried on. The result, we’re pleased to say, is some stunningly detailed photography and a video that turned out exactly like the storyboards.

Al Arabi