Mattar Jewelers

ACA produces this classy short clip to showcase Mattar Jewelers’ latest collection at Jewellery Arabia Kuwait. The use of long close up shots and muted backgrounds highlight the delicate lustre of the pearls. Mattar Jewelers, the House of Natural Pearls has been synonymous with exquisite Bahraini pearl jewellery since Hussain bin Matar began his practice in 1850.

The Lama Campaign

Since we are undertaking some work from The Lama Campaign (stay tuned!), our client asked us to create a series of photos and videos showing our team supporting their campaign to raise awareness about child abuse.

Initially, we began filming a serious corporate video for a cause we cared about. However, not everything went as planned and we ended with an altogether different video.

Watch below!

Train Elite Sportswear

Train Elite logo
  • Logo design
  • Stationery design
  • Shopping bags and banner production

Train Elite, a new start up supplying sportswear for a variety of different activities, required a dynamic logo and stationery design which would capture a feeling of agility and movement. To help them get ready for their first trade exhibition, ACA produced shopping bags and promotional banner.