Desert Head was one of those fun projects that every agency should remember to take on once in a while, just to challenge themselves. The Anamil Gallery was hosting a video exhibition and we decided to submit a short film.

We had just 30 days to come up with a concept, work on the production, and edit the final footage, and we had no idea where to begin. Finally, inspired by Daft Punk and Spike Jonz videos, we decided to make a music video about someone who gets lost in the desert and starts hallucinating.

The entire shoot took just one day—one very hot and sweaty day—but we had a blast. The final product may not make much sense but the objective was to have fun and flex our creative muscles, which is exactly what we did.

Here are some never-before-seen behind-the-scenes photos taken by our wonderful director of photography Sergio Miranda. A big-headed thank you to all the Desert Head family; Ahmed, Talal, Maram, Manal, Sergio, Rusty, Perry, Kanoo, Rayyan, Bader, Ramah, Sama, and anyone else we may have forgotten to mention, and to all of you who came to support us, watched it, shared it and continue to share it!