Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. This was the case for us when our lovely client Lama sent over a few items she’s produced for her campaign The Lama Campaign  and asked us to kindly take a few photos or videos showing our team with these items. The campaign is about raising awareness of child abuse in the region. One of the items was a pinwheel; the pinwheel is a symbol of hope, faith and prevention – Lama calls it the “pinwheel for prevention”. Anyways, we had to produce something very quickly with the items that were available.

It was the end of the work week and we had very little time to conceptualise and create something epic. So we decided to shoot very simple messages from each team member saying how they support the campaign. However, for those of you who are familiar with public speaking, it’s not always easy to remember your lines! That being said, our team began editing the footage for a serious video which ended up feeling a little generic and basic. But when we started editing our bloopers (which we do for fun), we realised we had an opportunity to cleverly use humour to tie the idea back to the cause with our tagline “Some Kids Can’t Laugh and Joke So Freely”. Luckily for us, we had a very encouraging client who wanted us to be more creative and even suggested we use humour to raise awareness beforehand. This “pleasant accident” which happens many times in the creative process has only left us more excited to produce content for The Lama Campaign. Stay tuned to see what else we concoct for them!

Check out what happened here: